Jan 26, 2012

Leadership explained from the greatest cricketer

Rahul Dravid said this at the Bradman Oration. It stuck with me...
One of the things, Bradman said has stayed in my mind. That the finest of athletes had, along with skill, a few more essential qualities: to conduct their life with dignity, with integrity, with courage and modesty. All this he believed, were totally compatible with pride, ambition, determination and competitiveness. 


  1. What's even more impressive is that Dravid succeeded at this, while arguably Bradman failed. There are no instances I can think of where any member of the team, the staff or the board has ever had a negative thing to say about Dravid.

    Bradman on the other hand (if reports can be believed) was considered aloof and disliked by many of his teammates. The stories of celebrations in the dressing room when he got out for a duck in his final innings would never apply to RD

  2. Well said Akshay... Dravid is a thorough gentleman and a role model! Loved by all...