Jan 25, 2012

Indian cricket - highs and lows

Many of my friends and family members ask me how I continue to follow Indian cricket when we are doing so bad (whitewash in Test Cricket in England in late 2011 and now in Australia (well almost there))...

My answer is that there are ups and downs in sports and my love for the team and the sport isn't based on convenience, it isn't based on my team doing well all the time. Sometimes we do well (hey, we just won the World Cup 9 months ago and were #1 Test team just a few months ago) and sometimes we don't (pathetic test cricket performance recently).

I am a fan of Indian cricket. I don't give up. I won't give up my faith, my love for the team, my love for the sport, my RELIGION.

I just hope that we get through this phase without much pain and get back up and running... Go India!