May 26, 2011

Cricket fever again

England take on Sri Lanka in a test series starting today. 

After watching Cricket world cup 2011 and witnessing India play in quarter final, semi final and the finale in stadiums all over India, I had little appetite for any of the IPL 2011 matches. 

But now, I'm excited again. This test series will be a thrilling contest considering the two teams are more or less equal:
  • England is at #3 and Sri Lanka are at #4 in ICC test ranking
  • England plays well against Sri Lanka at home, and Sri Lanka has an edge in their home conditions. And the overall record is well balanced

Sri Lanka has won 2 of the last 3 test series against England with 1 draw. Clearly, they have a better track record. However, it is difficult to predict the winner as England has the home advantage and the momentum (Ashes tour and other tests in last 18 months). Sri Lanka has a new captain in Dilshan who will be under pressure. England will be under pressure too with the recent emergence of English cricket and the desire to prove their test cricket status. 

Let the games begin!

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