Dec 2, 2010

Which factors impact software professional compensation?

My notes... Anything else?
  • Geography (offshore vs. onshore)
  • Skill requirement for job: commodity (Java) vs. specialized (ERP, Agile/XP)
  • Role type (PM/BA/Dev/Arch/Tester)
  • Experience/proficiency (years/certifications)
  • Relevance to primary business line (bottom line) e.g. enterprise IT vs. companies where software is primary business - Apple/Microsoft/Oracle/SAP/etc.
  • Industry (e.g. Financial services pay more)
  • Breadth of skills (# technologies, what else do you bring to the table)
  • Working conditions (allowed to share learnings outside or not, Flexibility: Work from home, etc.)
  • Quality/Attractiveness of work type/brand

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