Dec 15, 2010

Awesome day for Cricket fans

What a treat for Cricket lovers tonight!

Australia and England are playing the second test match of the Ashes 2010 series today at 9:30pm EST and later tonight (3:30am EST), South Africa takes on India in a battle for test cricket supremacy.

All this means no sleep for me!

Here's how these teams have performed against each other so far...


  1. Long live Test cricket !! Nothing beats it. Love the stats.

    What do you think are the chances of season finishing up with 3-1 for Eng and 2-1 for India? :)

    - Lavkesh Garg

  2. Lavkesh, I love test cricket too... there's something magical about watching the boys in whites battle with a red ball in their hands and no crazy advertisements like on Indian television channels...

    England is close to winning Ashes 3 - 1 this time and India is really far from drawing up or winning the series (hail Kallis)... lets see how it goes tonight... cheers!

  3. Awesome victory for England... :) Watching cricket on Indian channels is such a pain with all the sponsorship overlays and countless breaks in between the overs.

    I loved watching the Ashes.. I guess its something about the Channel 9 coverage combined with Barmy Army passion and anthems.. India in England this coming summer should be a nice series !!