Oct 5, 2010

India Australia test cricket matches over the years

If you're like me - chewing your nails, sitting in the same position for the last 2 hours to watch India battle Australia in the Mohali test match and enjoying the fascinating duel, watch how closely these two teams have fought in the past. This plot shows the narrow margins with which these two teams have won against each others in the past test matches. This clearly is another one added to the list. Phew...

After 5 days of grueling cricket, India needs 18 runs to win this match and Aussies need 2 wickets.

Although Australia dominated world cricket in 2000s, their test matches with India were tough. Aussies have won a lot of test matches against India and now the momentum is coming India's way (India has not lost a single match in last 2 years against Australia and won 4 out of the last 7 matches and drawn 3).

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