Jul 19, 2010

Indian state population plot

Here's a quick R plot of population in Indian states and the breakdown by the religion people practice. The data was obtained from this Indian government site. I'm looking for other state-level data to overlay on this to find interesting patterns e.g. crime, literacy etc.

Here's the demographics of India on Wikipedia.

As next steps, I would like to:
1) "zoom" into the areas of chart that are too small to be interpreted properly, and
2) plot this data on the map of India.

Any suggestions?


  1. Even if it is possibly a very meagre part of the population, I miss a "no religion" or "other religions/no religion" category.

  2. Felipe, thanks for reminding me the importance of it. While I'm thinking of ways to show other/no religion effectively in this chart, I've expanded states with small population to bring out the details...