Jul 26, 2010

Indian state population and crime plot

Comparison of population mix and number of crimes per year in Indian states

More populous states seem more dangerous - law of crouds

Comparison of population mix and number of crimes per person in Indian states


Is there a correlation between the religious mix in a state and riots in that state?


Which are the best and worst states to live in?
Using GDP/person as a proxy to growth and opportunities in a state, the following plot shows the states with high/low growth/opportunities and high/low crimes...


Examples of the implications of growth and opportunities and state of crime in Indian territories...

What could Indian states do to move to the "magic quadrant"?


  1. Very nice post. I wish Indian press would pursue data driven journalism like this. Kudos

  2. The thefts force retailers to increase prices to cover the losses, and threaten public health when crime rings tamper with items such as infant formula or medication by extending expiration dates or repackaging and relabeling the items.