Jun 22, 2010

Looking for Cricket data

I'm interested in analyzing and plotting Cricket data to discover interesting facts and relationships...

I'm looking for "raw" Cricket scorecard data for One-day internationals and Test matches only. Google didn't find anything useful this morning. So, I'm looking for advice and I'm happy to pay for it too. Any suggestions?


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  2. Hi Prasoon, Could you please elaborate a bit more on what exactly you are looking for when you say "raw Cricket scorecard data" ? Let me try if I can help you with this data....


  3. Rohan, thanks for your note. I'm looking for one-day game statistics...
    - teams, date, venue, win-loss
    - scorecard

    Makes sense?

  4. Thanks Prasoon, yeah makes sense. I have sent you an xls file (a small dump of the kind of data you are looking for) let me know if it is useful ?

  5. Hi Data science guys,
    I need a help of Cricket data set with data analysis R code. Can u please help me. mail me to my e-mail id: hi.paisa01@gmail.com