Feb 23, 2010

Recap on Retrospectives

I'm a member of firm's IT Governance that's responsible for ensuring successful IT deployments across the firm. We've worked together for 12+ months now and its time to reflect on how we're working as a team i.e. time to inspect and adapt => Retrospective time!

I requested Jeanine to facilitate IT Governance retrospective.We're following the typical retrospective process I discussed earlier... Here it is in nutshell:
  1. Collect data (pluses + opportunities) from the team - Jeanine is interviewing team members before retrospective
  2. Synthesize findings - Jeanine will assimilate her findings and share with the group before retrospective
  3. Prioritize opportunities - During retrospective
  4. Analyze root cause - Scheduled for retrospective discussion, if time permits
  5. Formulate action plan - Post retrospective
I'm looking fwd to the session and will you posted...

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