Sep 21, 2009

Zero effort CSS Sprites

CSS Sprites is a well known technique for webpage optimization.

It typically takes about ~ 2 to 3 days of work by UI designers and web developers to implement it. Steve Souders (UI magician) has shrunk it to zero! Try it out ->

It automates all "spriting" activities:
- finding all images on a page
- grouping them into sprites
- you can even generate the sprite!
- it computes the complex CSS positions as well
- and yeah get ready for the magic, it also injects the sprite in your current page

Could we ask for more? We can't make any excuse to not use sprites now :-)

We need more such ideas to decrease the barrier of doing the right thing.

Lets make doing the right thing, really easy!

1 comment:

  1. Prasoon,

    This is really interesting and helpful. Few months back I was working on various sprites for my news reader app and these kind of tools really helped even then. So definitely agree with "Lets make doing the right thing, really easy!"