Jun 3, 2009

Being pixel perfect - Part 12 (overall plans)

I) Goal: Improve front-end quality of our applications

II) Measure: The number of applications that conform to Firm’s new brand guidelines

III) Areas to tackle

▪ Technical skills: HTML/CSS
▪ Web design skills: Best practices for web application design (e.g. when to use a list)
▪ Firm brand guidelines

▪ Use templates
▪ Export-to-web the design comp (xhtmlized.com, Allan)

▪ Automated check for inclusion of common CSS* in application (during continuous integration build-test-deploy cycles)
▪ Manual check with design comps (or suggested design changes) with Pixel Perfect

IV) Execution strategy
Work with project teams to achieve the goal

* Common CSS refers is the stylesheet (part of template) to start building applications with to ensure compliance to Firm brand guideline

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  1. xhtml against html will always be a good investment...