May 18, 2009

What are our biggest opportunities?

What is the next big opportunity for us move our application development team to the next level?

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  1. Prasoon -

    My personal take on this:

    The idea of "..Moving appdev to the next level.." is a broad topic and is open for intrepretation ( which will vary based on one's experience, background, skill et al). Although it's good to gather all different perspectives, on the downside, it's alomost impossible to attain synergy if people think in different directions.

    Ideally the appDev vision should define a time bound state where we want to be in (i.e. define 'next level'), mission should be the guiding principle ('i.e. Excellence in software development' !!? {may sound confusing as we term this as appdev vision} ) on how to do it, and have tangible goals to measure progress. All this through a collective brainstorming to get a maximum buyin.

    Here are some highlevel opportunities {can break these down into goals, to eventually tie back to the vision}, that come into my mind:
    - Service Excellence: Improve end user experience, by the product we deliver, by the way we communicate, by the responsiveness/ empathy we show while understanding end users problems. Possible measure: in {n} number of projects appdev parterning program managers conceptualization, etc
    - Technology Excellence : Be at the cutting edge of technology and understand the potential applications. Try out {n} number of pilots a year
    - People Excellence: Collaborate and focus on collective knowledge creation. Harness tacit knowledge and make it available to all. Give people freedom to pursue their dream
    - Social Responsibility : Give it back to the society, forums etc.