May 7, 2009

Enabling cross-team learning - Part 1

There is limited cross-team learning in our teams today. In a recent townhall, we discussed the reasons for this and the common themes were -

(1) Time: busy with our own projects
(2) Interest: limited value perceived in cross-team learning
(3) Transparency: no one is aware of all discussions* happening in our group

* CoE/initiatives/interest groups, townhalls, sprint/release planning/reviews/retrospectives etc.

We can solve this problem by working on the themes identified above in the reverse order 3 -> 2 -> 1, i.e. (3) help everyone get visibility into all team discussions, and then, (2) showcase some learning/value from cross-team learning and (1) team members will create time for cross-team learning.

I plan to try this out and will keep you posted.