May 21, 2009

Being pixel perfect - Part 8 (Standards anyone?)

Here's what we could to do to address the lack of discipline in front-end development:

1) Set a standard for front-end development
- create a template that development teams can use as a starting point
- it will include page layout and CSS

Next steps: James is creating the template

2) Validate compliance to the standard
If all our apps include the standard CSS then we can ensure that:
- every HTML element has a style specified in the markup (reset.css)
- the style specified in the markup is present in the CSS (default HTML elements + common styles. Overrides and app-specific styles will be in app's stylesheet)
- the CSS class is as per the standard (e.g. errors should be size: 8, color: red, font: arial)

Next steps: We're investigating ways to test for the standard CSS include in our continuous integration cycle

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