May 14, 2009

Being Pixel Perfect - Part 3 (what to make pixel perfect?)

Lets discuss question #1 in this post... What should we make pixel perfect?

What is the unit of measure? How should we measure progress?

We should use page components as the unit of measure (not the entire page). The example of such page components include page header, footer, navigation etc.
  • A fully developed page with "real" content will often look different from the UI spec, which has mock-up content.
  • If a page component is reused across pages and isn't pixel perfect, then its better to track progress with "one component is not pixel perfect yet" rather than saying "two pages aren't pixel perfect yet" as work left is only on making one component pixel perfect
So lets start making page components pixel perfect. We can test page components to measure progress (# page components that are pixel perfect) and validate sites for pixel perfection [addressing "What should we test to be pixel perfect?"]

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