Apr 20, 2009

Things I'm doing while I get to my dream job...

If what you work on isn't your dream job, then read on...

Yes, most of us aren't in our dream jobs yet, whether it is running a school in India, opening a restaurant in backwaters of Kerala, becoming a professional soccer player/photographer/dog groomer/painter).

My dream job is to run a school in India and it'll take me few more years to get there. The question I ask myself everyday is what should I do till then? How can I make the most of the next 5 - 10 years "working" towards my dream job?

Here's how I look at it...
1. Find work I want to do
Find my organization's priorities and
- get involved in areas that I'm passionate about (maximize my time here)
- develop in areas that I'm not as good at or as interested in (its work after all!)

2. Make work I want to do
Make my interests public and "create" opportunities at work by influencing/exploring unchartered territories - "create my own workplace here"

3. Ignore everything else
Why should I spend any minute on something that's not important to me and the organization


  1. Sounds like a great way to think about things... How does your current work help to get you to your dream job?

  2. Thanks Darrin. There are a few ways my current job can help me get to my dream job, including...

    - establishing relationships with Firm members who're interested and other thought partners: our Firm is actively involved in India and has led efforts in the educational sector. I can leverage some of it... met with a couple others who might be interested; found out that one of our colleague's wife is passionate about schools too

    - how to become a better coach: education is coaching. Folks I work with in professional development relationship are my teachers and are making me better with their experiences and feedback

    - learning how to affect behavioral changes: like org changes, kids need slow and consistent doses of behavioral learning

    - moolah: I need to save some dough for down payment :)

    - training: soft skills, hard skills

    - global experience

    - importance and relevance of sports :))