Feb 20, 2009

Is PDP dead?

Its that time of the year that most of us don't like... No, not the coldest month... I'm talking about finalizing our yearly goals (PDP... professional development plan).

Although I cannot offer a perfect solution, I'm experimenting with a framework that some have found useful to determine their goals for the year.
Let me explain...

I've blogged about Learn, Practice, Teach and Innovate earlier.

The facets at the top are...
  • Personal: What do you plan to learn, practice, teach, innovate this year? How will you position yourself in 2009 to inch closer to your target profile (separate post coming soon)?

  • Project: Our primary activity/deliverable... bread and butter (Biju blogged about it)

  • Community: Center of Excellence (CoE), Portfolios, Interest groups, Application Development group, IT

  • External: Outside Firm (IT forums, IT industry, consumer internet, open source, etc.). How will you engage externally to improve and contribute back?
The framework is meant to present a holistic view of your impact. An honest self-examination can shed light on patterns like "oops, I didn't give back anything to the community. My contributions are limited to projects only" or "whoa, I don't have any impact on my project. I'm a chicken".

With this framework you can paint both, the as-is and the target picture (impact planned for the year). It can help set your goals and direct your efforts.

- You don't need to have a plan for every cell in the framework. Don't stretch yourself too thin
- The framework is merely to assist in goal setting. It is not a tool for planning and time frames

Here's an example (thanks James!)

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