Dec 3, 2008

Software on Steroids

I'm inspired by Hashrocket's (a Obie Fernandez company) 3-2-1 launch idea - "Your idea, implemented in 3 days. No joke."

In our organization, we've decreased software launch duration from 9+ months to 100-days and have now done it consistently for several months now. Its done. We're now programmed to do this now!

Isn't it time to push it down further? Come on! Lets break the 100-day barrier. I'm thinking of 30-days launch and want to try it out if the following are true:

- Its a new web app (existing apps to be considered later)
- Visual design of app (wireframes, etc.) is ready
- App has well defined and limited integration points
- Product Owner is available throughout development
- Well defined testing approach for end users
- Anything else to consider?

I'm willing to give it a shot. Anyone interested?


  1. One more consideartion can be...

    1. How many users is going to use it? If it is few, it can be created in few hours..if it is huge, many things needs to be considered and releasing it in few days can be counter-productive in future...