Dec 2, 2008

Learn -> Practice -> Teach

Mark wrote about variety in work and I subscribe to that philosophy as well. I believe we all undergo a constant cycle of Learn -> Practice -> Teach in our lives and keep creating new cycles periodically...

In fact, I'm encouraging people I work with to be explicit about their Learn -> Practice -> Teach cycles and share it (their 2009 "development plan") broadly. Yes, why not get everyone's help in having a successful year, why not declare - what we're working on, what we're getting better at and what we've experienced already.


  1. Hi Prasoon, I really liked the idea of sharing one's learning plan and aspirations. It not only enables one to take help from others in getting better, it also creates expectations and keeps one on his/her toes to live up to the expectations. And once you succeed in it, you get the sense of satisfaction.

    However, I am wondering if we should expand the cycle by adding two very important phases:
    "Unlearn -> Learn -> Practice -> Teach -> Re-learn or Improve"

    Unlearn phase is very critical. We have seen how difficult it's for a manager to learn facilitation or coaching skills without unlearning few managerial practices!

    Re-learn or Improve is more important especially in our field (IT). Like it or not, the new generation knows much more about IT than the "experienced" one. Unless the "experienced" (read the number of years in IT) lot re-learn many things, I wonder if new generation would like to engage with them to get coaching! I would be surprised if many of us have not 'experienced' this reality already.

  2. Great points Rajesh.

    - Living up to the expectations we set and share is certainly a key in personal development plan. Thanks for pointing it out!

    - You make a great point about unlearning. In fact Marshall Goldsmith's book "What Got Here Won't There Won't Get You There" discusses how one needs to develop different set of skills to hit the next S-curve. And some of these skills are in areas where we're used to applying skills that need to be unlearned so that new skills can be applied to get to the next level.

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