Dec 10, 2008

Crazy for Cricket

I'm crazy for cricket. When Indian cricket is on, I cannot do anything else. I have to watch the game. And tonight is one of those nights. India and England will play a test match in Chennai (if the rain gods don't go there). Up late tonight to watch it. I predict that India will win by more than 4 wickets or more than 150 runs. Go Sachin! Go Zaheer!

Yes, cricket is my religion. I grew up playing the game and can play/watch all forms of cricket - test, one-day, 20-20 and even street cricket! Some of you have seen a cricket bat in my office. Always up for a quick knock in the lobby...

I'm a decent medium pace bowler and a dependable middle order batsman. My love for pace shaped how I bowl and bat... I don't get to play much cricket in the US but I'll get to play again daily when I go back to India (yes, some day).


  1. England has a solid lead after a disastrous first innings by India. Unless India bat really well in the second innings, its England's game.

  2. Alright, Shewag's knock has brought India back into the game. However, the target is a long way ~ 250 more runs.

    Certainly the game has become interesting now. Tonight (5th day) is going to most interesting. Both teams have a chance of winning it. Lets hope its India :)

  3. There ya go! India has won this test match. Totally worth the 5 sleepless nights :)