Dec 3, 2008

Complex apps == many Simple apps

Is there such a thing as complex application?

I like to believe that the answer is NO.

Let me draw a parallel from project timelines to explain.

Till 2007 we used to have many projects that took 9 - 12 months to release working software. Not anymore. Now, we release working software in production/staging every 100-days. No, we haven't magically shrunk a Document Management or ERP system implementation to 100-days from several months. All it means is that we've broken down the 9 or 12 month project into 3 or 4 100-day releases now. This has simplified a lot of things and resulted in successful delivery of large projects.

Can't we apply the same concept to a "complex application" we need to build and break it up into multiple simple applications/components. Many engineers in our team practice it really well and I'm learning this skill from them. Let me know if you want to join the class!


  1. Yes Prasoon, Agreed, \Few thoughts below -
    Its a perception. A complex app for me may not be as complex for someone else.
    Having said that what appears simple architecture/technology today will aurely be a complex one tomorrow with the advent of newer simpler technologies

  2. Sure Yogesh, new technologies are making things easier/simpler in many cases. Abstraction and scripting languages are good examples...