Dec 11, 2008

Architecture CoE evaluation - Part 2

Things that went well

- We grew to become a high performing team. Everyone has improved and, in their own ways, led the CoE... from Jaspreet creating design patterns to Ketan introducing peer architect concept.

- We developed hands-on skills. No more chickens... we're proud to be pigs on projects.

- We leveraged each other. Never hesitated in asking for help, always ready to help and have unquestionable trust in each other.

- We learned new skills and domains. Ruby, PHP, Finance, Learn.

- We improved sponsor confidence. Senior IT leadership and Firm functions recognize and seek CoE member's advice.

- We increased developer reach. ODC isn't 7000 miles aways anymore. Our engineers are talking to us now.

- We enabled Scrum at our organization. We really did. How else can design decisions be finalized in short sprints of 40 concurrent projects?

- We had fun doing it. Meeting daily never became a drag. Central park outing, Amazing race skits, birthday celebrations are all part of it.