Oct 13, 2008

Experiencing technical proficiency gap in your offshore team?

There is a distinct gap in the technical proficiency we need to build a quality software product vs. what is offered by our offshore software development partner today.

Over the years, we've asked them to bridge this gap (raise technical competency level) by getting experienced/talented engineers in the pool... but it hasn't happened yet...

So we're addressing it as follows. What are you doing?
  • Bridge the gap from our end - i.e. build and maintain a pool of talented engineers (FTE, Consultants) onshore to make key technical decisions. For this we've hired top talent in Java/Ruby/SQL and trained our engineers to be hands-on.
  • Encourage offshore partner to hire/build/retain talented technologists - with techniques like offering higher rate for such engineers offshore


  1. I think there's also an inherent issue with concentrating on one geography for an organization's talent - expanding beyond India can be painful, but you may be able to find pockets of talented people for still-reasonable $$...hence the industry trend toward South and Central America, as well as Eastern Europe.

  2. Scaling to multiple geographies, beyond your location (EU/NA) and your offshore partner's location (AP/Eastern Europe) has interesting and importnant considerations...

    - fragmentation of time and energy you can invest
    - cultural
    - is it only a band-aid fix? there might be diminishing returns after a particular point in time
    - ?

    Its a balance that needs to be struck with these and other considerations...