Sep 7, 2008

Open Source team room anyone?

We've struggled to find a team file sharing application that supports:
  • Offline access
  • Seamless access from desktop tools (Windows Explorer, Microsoft Office applications)
Web based file sharing doesn't always work well in the business world, where road warriors need offline access. Enterprise products like Groove (Microsoft), eRoom (EMC-Documentum) are good attempts but they don't meet the 2nd requirement- seamless access from desktop tools - as they create a separate space.

Businesses have suffered a lot already. They've waited long enough for IBM, Microsoft, others to solve it for them but no luck yet...

I believe it is time for some businesses to come together and jointly solve this problem as an open source effort.

Has anyone thought of building a custom solution to address this problem?
  • Windows Explorer integration with version control systems like Git/SVN?
  • ?

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