Sep 3, 2008

Building higher performing teams

Software development is a social process and needs synergistic interaction within the team and with the business decision maker as well. I've noticed the following factors affecting our development team's effectiveness -
  • Team location: spacial and time-zone separation causes collaboration gaps
    • Space gap: Co-located vs. distributed teams (Geographical separation)
    • Time gap: Time-zone separation affects communication and collaboration. It results in less interaction between US-based business decision makers (sponsors/product owners) and offshore teams
  • Team agility: Agile mindset, engineering practices, soft-skills (influencing, negotiation, pushing back, saying no etc.)
  • Team experience: Senior vs. Junior team members. Domain knowledge and technical competency.

Can the following ideas address these issues?
  • Team location: Co-located teams (prominently at one place)
    • Leverage development partner’s global capabilities to execute projects locally
    • Access to global talent pool
    • Enable personalized, direct interactions
  • Team agility: Strengthen development partner relationships and mix
    • Establish new development partner relationships that meet skills gap
    • Tap into strengths of development partners
    • Shift from scale to skills
  • Team experience: Hire and retain technical talent: FTEs can deliver projects too... don't rely solely on external talent for all your needs
    • Build and sustain a pool of highly talented software engineers
    • Leverage our best with their best


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